Christmas Stuffed Chicken Breast

04 Oct

( serves 8 )
This is not specifically a Christmas dish, but I did invent it with the intent of avoiding the chaos that comes with roasting and carving a big bird. It comes with gravy, stuffing, everything that you’d expect on a festive occasion. Turkey is dry, turkey is tough, turkey is passé. If like me, you don’t like turkey, then this recipe is custom made for you.

reminder: This recipe goes hand in hand with the Deluxe Stuffing recipe, so please be prepared to make the stuffing as well.


  1. Chicken Breasts (4)
  2. Onion (1)
  3. Carrot (1)
  4. Bacon Slices (16)
  5. Milk (1/4 cup)
  6. Flour (1T)
  7. Coriander seed powder
  8. Garlic seasoning
  9. Tarragon
  10. Sherry
  11. Worcestershire sauce


  1. Cut each chicken breast into the left and right halves. Then halve each half again, but his time cut them the way you would halve a burger bun.
  2. Make a marinade out of 4T olice oil, 1t pepper, 1t garlic seasoning, 1T tarragon. You don’t want to lose track of which piece of chicken goes with which, so keep the meat arranged on a cutting board and apply the marinade with a spoon.
  3. Preheat the oven at this stage to 180oC (350oF).
  4. Spoon a half inch thick layer of stuffing onto the inside suface of one of the chicken breast pieces and cap it off with the corresponding piece of breast, forming a sandwich. Wind 2 slices of bacon around the sandwich to bind it in place. Repeat until you end up with 8 sandwiches. This bacon provides the main flavour of the chicken, which is why there was nothing salty in the marinade.
  5. Bake for about forty minutes in a baking tay. The baking time will vary depending on how many breasts you are cooking and their size, so a rule of thumb is the chicken is done when you notice it has shrunk. The bacon shrinks with it, making it the perfect binding.
  6. With the chicken in the oven, cut the onion and carrot (use 2 if your carrot is small) into small quarter inch bits. This will form the base of your gravy. In a pan, fry them in 2T of butter until the onion is limp. Leave aside in the pan.
  7. When the chicken is done, place each breast on its serving plate to cool. Restart the fire on the pan and pour the hot drippings from the baking tray into the veggie pan. Sprinkle 1T of flour and stir fry for one minute to cook the flour. Then slowly stir in the milk to thicken your gravy.
  8. For flavour mix in 2T of sherry, a dash of worcestershire sauce, 0.5t sugar, 0.5t coriander seed powder and a pinch of pepper. Again, the drippings are salty and there is no need to add salt. Ladel the gravy on to each plate and serve.


  • For the juiciest and tenderest meat, I usually buy the premium ‘Dutch’ Chicken breasts imported from Holland.
  • If you are using ‘nornmal’ chicken breasts, refer to the brining procedure described in this post for best results.
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