Deluxe Stuffing

04 Oct

(enough to stuff a big chicken)
This is my mother’s recipe for stuffing, from the days when she used to give cooking classes, before I was born. It has a high meat content, which makes it non-starchy and also taste especially scrumptious. If ever there was a timeless recipe for me, to be passed to future generations, this is the one. It is not a simple recipe, but you will be rewarded for your hard work.


  1. Liver Pâté (250g)
  2. Boiled Chestnuts (350g)
  3. Big Red Onions (3)
  4. Bacon Slices (10)
  5. Chicken Livers (8)
  6. Bread Slices (3)
  7. Milk (1/2 cup)
  8. Pork Sausages (12)
  9. your choice of herbs


  1. Nowadays I just buy cooked peeled chestnuts, the type which is sold as a healthy snack. If you are doing it the old fashioned way of boiling chestnuts, remember that 350g is the weight without the shell. To my (vague) recollection, this is equivalent to 2 cups in volume. Either way, chop the chestnut into small chunks.
  2. Cut the red onions into quarter inch squares and fry in 2T of olive oil till they are limp. These onions and the chestnuts are the only cooked ingredients and everything thing else is raw.
  3. Cut bacon into small pieces, about 1/8 inch wide. Its easier to cut if the bacon is semi-frozen.
  4. As for the liver, cut each into half and remove all the fatty tissue that is visible.
  5. Cut the crusts off the bread and then soak in the milk. The crusts can be diced seperately and mixed in at the end.
  6. Deskin the pork sausages, collecting the meat in a large bowl. For convenience, you can mix the pate and bacon into the same bowl.
  7. Put proportional amounts of everything into a food processor and blend lightly, repeating unill you have processed all your ingredients.
  8. Finally Stir in 1t of salt, 1t of pepper, 2T of olive oil and herbs of your choice. I usually use fines herbs, which is a mixtue of chives, chervil, parsley and tarragon.
  9. Your stuffing is ready. Test your stuffing by putting 1T of it on tin foil and toasting it in a toaser oven. That way you can decide if you want to adjust your seasoning.


  • There is no need to use an expensive goose pâté here as this is a baked dish. I typically use a canned pork liver pâté by plumrose. Its cheap and it keeps a long time.
  • The pork sausages need to be the type with coursely ground (i.e. raw) meat in them. I use a brand called Wall’s classic pork sausages.
  • Stuffing keeps well when frozen and I usually zip-loc away some in small bags for later use. I wouldn’t recommend keeping it for more than a day in the refridgerator.
  • If you wanta recipe which requires stuffing, try my Christmas Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe.

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