Pork Schnitzel

30 Mar

(serves 6)
Schnitzel is one of Austria’s great contributions to mankind and one of my personal favourites. The great thing about this dish is that is makes an otherwise dry piece of meat into a juicy and tender meal. My version uses a secret marinade which makes the schnitzel even more delicious.

Main Ingredients

  1. Pork Chops (6)
  2. Milk (1/4 cup)
  3. Eggs (2)
  4. Bread Crumbs (1 cup)
  5. Flour (1/2 cup)
  6. Anchovies in oil (50g)

Sauce Ingredients

  1. Mayonnaise (1/2 cup)
  2. Tarragon
  3. Garlic Herb Seasoning



  1. Start by carving out the loin portion of the pork chops. You’ll need to trim off bone, fat and the connective tissue which goes around the chop.  Any thing that is not meat will hamper the flattening process to follow, so be thorough. There’ll be quite a bit of trimmings and you can plan ahead to use these for stock for another dish.

    Trim till there is only plain meat.

  2. Using a meat mallet, pound and flatten the chops until they have doubled in surface area. If you have difficulty on a particular edge, try using very small radial cuts along the edge. Its not additive, and many soft blows do not a hard blow make. So you’ll have to hammer quite forceful to get a thin piece of meat. 
  3. Now the marination. Using a spoon, mash the anchovies in the oil they come in after adding one flat t of sugar. Don’t marinate in a bowl as anchovy is potent. You are not using much and you want it to be applied evenly. On the cutting board itself, spoon one t of the mashed anchovy onto each side of the chops.  There should be a bit of it left over, save it for the mayonnaise.
  4. Next place some of your flour onto a plate and dust with a bit of white pepper. After coating each piece of meat in flour on the plate, stack them back on the cutting board. Add more flour and pepper to the plate as it runs out. Wait half an hour for the flour to dry and the anchovy to work its way into the meat.

    Before and After the Hammer

  5. Then beat your eggs with the milk in a soup dish.  Soak each chop individually in the egg mixture and then quickly coat with breadcrumbs stacked on a seperate plate. Let each crumbed chop dry without stacking them.
  6. Pan fry in butter until they are golden brown. Always add new butter before the next round of frying or the schnitzel will get burnt instead of browning nicely.

and the sauce…..

  1. Stir the leftover mashed anchovy, 3t of chopped tarragon and a generous sprinkle of garlic herb seasoning  into the mayonnaise. Put a dollop of this next to your schnitzel on the serving plate.
  2. Instead of this, some people serve their schnitzel with cranberry sauce, which is nice too. A wedge of lemon is also another common alternative, which I am not an advocate of.


  • The traditional schnitzel is made from veal and is called Wiener Schnitzel, Wiener being a reference to Vienna, the capital of Austria. It is made exactly the same way as above, except you use veal instead of pork.
  • If your pork chops are very juicy, you can cover them with cling film while flattening them to prevent splatter.
  • I prefer off-the-shelf breadcrumbs, as they have a nice irregular shape which allows more of it to attach to the meat. If you intend to make you own breadcrumbs, leave bread unsealed in the fridge overnight to dry it out slowly. You can’t use fresh bread, even if you toast it.
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