Napa Cabbage Rolls

06 Apr

Napa cabbage rolls are the perfect side veggies for haters of brussel sprouts and spinach, since they have no bitter taste. Napa cabbage (this is a long shaped cabbage) is also the perfect vegetable for making rolls. They absorb the taste of what they are cooked in, they don’t disintegrate when you slow cook them, and every leaf is approximately the same rectangular shape.


  1. Napa cabbage
  2. Stock bones 
  3. Stock cube


  1. You can make prety much any amount you like. You’ll notice I didn’t really specify the number of servings or amount of cabbage. The Napa cabbage also comes in mini sizes nowadays so its up to you however many you want to use.
  2. The first thing to do is to make some stock. Boil your stock bones, together with any meat trimmings you have handy with one stock cube. If you are vegetarian, you can use a vegetable stock cube just as easily.
  3. Cut the bottom stem remnant off your cabbage and then disassemble into the individual leaves. After washing them briefly in water, stack the leaves neatly in a pyrex container as shown below.
  4. Fill the pyrex with stock about 3/4 of the way up and then cover with aluminium foil, crushing the portions at the handles to hold the foil in place.
  5. Bake for about one hour at 150oC (300oF) and then allow to cool.
  6. When you roll them, start at the bottom of each leaf. Bend a small potion over till you snap the stem and then continue to roll the rest of the leaf up till the end. Plain gravity will hold the supple leaves in shape.


  • I often stack my cabbage rolls up like logs in a pyramid fashion. You can also arrange them in a ring aound your main dish.
  • This simple dish is very temperatue versatile. You can microwave them for a few seconds if you wish to serve them hot but are making them ahead of time. Or you can serve them icy cold with a little of the stock in small individual shallow dishes, asian style, with a little sprinkling of sesame perhaps.
  • The soup that is left also makes for a plesant light consumme which you can serve. 
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