Singapore Curry Chicken

11 Aug

(serves 4)
Singapore Curry is of the heavy meaty variety. It is medium in terms of spiciness and uses only a modest amount of coconut milk. This combination reflects the influence of Chinese cooking. My recipe is a fast way to make the curry, as it makes use of a canned curry sauce in combination with fresh meat and vegetables.
It may sound like cheating but unless you want to spend days finding and then pounding, chopping, grinding dozens of uncommon ingredients, this is the best way. Besides, curry is one of those things which doesn’t get a metallic taste from being in a can 
  1. Chicken (800g)
  2. Curry Gravy (2 x 400ml cans)
  3. Potato (2)
  4. Onion (1)
  5. Cardamon
  6. Cumin
  7. Chicken Cube


  1. The first thing to do is pour a third of your curry gravy into a pot and place your chicken meat in. Then pour the rest of the curry sauce over the chicken and allow it to marinate for at least an hour, but overnight for best results. I normally use dark meat but white meat will do as well.
  2. This recipe has this particular Curry Gravy in mind, but you can use another brand to your liking if you wish.
  3. While the chicken is marinating, peel your potatoes. These must be of a variety that is yellow inside. Cut them into pieces the size of half a kiwi fruit. Place them in a large bowl and pour boiling water in, followed by 2 minutes of microwave on high (or you can also just boil them in a pot for 5 minutes if you want).
  4. Cut the onion into 8 equal wedges.
  5. In a cup of hot water, smash a chicken cube. Stir in 1t of cardamon, 4t of cumin and 1t of sugar.
  6. When you chicken is done marinating, put it on a low simmer uncovered and add the cup of stock, and the onions and potatoes. You won’t have to stir that much at the beginning but after the onion falls to pieces, it will tend to get stuck at the bottom of the pot, then you’ll need to stir more often.
  7. Some of the surface of the potatos will disintegrate and you should end up with a thick flavoursome curry sauce. You shouldn’t need to add water but use your judgement. Cooking time is about 45 minutes, and a tell-tale sign of when it is done is when red oil from the chicken forms on the surface.


  • This chicken curry is ideal for making Chicken Nasi Briyani which can be found in this recipe.
  • This curry in my opinion is best served with rice, which is the way it is usually served in South-East Asian (and Japan for that matter). So prepare some ahead of time if you are in the habbit of cooking rice and possess a rice cooker.  
  • As a second choice I would pick roti or naan, which is what you’d do in Indian. You can buy frozen ones at most supermarkets. 
  •  As a last resort, french loaf is also an option, this is popular in Vietnam.
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