Mayonnaise Glazed Sole di Italia

17 Sep

(serves 3)
This is not an Italian recipe. It only says ‘di Italia’ because I used the same colours as the Italian flag. As you may have guessed, this fish dish comes in three flavours. Its popular with kids and is easier to cook than you think. Its also quite a flexible recipe and other than the mayonnaise you can change the ingredients to whatever you have on hand. You can also make this in smaller portions of a single colour if you want to serve this as an appetizer.
  1. Sole Fillets (3)
  2. Mayonnaise (150g)
  3. New Potato (1)
  4. Grana Padano 
  5. Pesto (4t)
  6. Tomato Ragu (3t)
  7. Crushed Garlic (3t)
  8. Chinese Wine
  9. Honey
  10. Paprika


  1. Start by boiling your new potato in a small pot of water for about fifteen minutes. As shown in the picture, I’ll usually boil some side vegies of the same colour and then coat them in some butter and tarragon. If you plan to do this, boil them with the potato since the fish should be served immediately after its done.
  2. Peel and put some garlic through a garlic press until you get 3t of crushed garlic.
  3. Flush you sole fillets with tap water and then pad them dry with kitchen towels. Marinate them in a mixture of 3T of Chinese Wine, 0.5t salt and 0.5t pepper. Chinese wine is best for freshening up fish, but if you don’t have any, use sake or vodka. Set aside the fillets while you take care of the glazing.
  4. Spoon your mayonaise into a bowl and grate in one inch cube of Grana Padano. Skin your potato and mix that in as well after mashing it with a fork. Follow up with a sprinkle of salt (or Hon Dashi if you have any) and 1t of honey. Finally, divide the mayonnaise mix into three portions.
  5. For the first portion, mix in 4t of pesto. This becomes the green mayo.
  6. For the second portion, mix in 3t of crushed garlic. This is the white mayo.
  7. For the third portion, mix in 3t of (meatless) tomato ragu. If you don’t have any home-made ragu in reserve, just use the kind that comes in a bottle. Sprinkle in 1t of paprika to get the colour to a deeper red.
  8. Turn on your grill and oil a suitably sized baking tray with olive oil. After placing the sole fillets in the tray, spoon the mayonnaise on in sections until all the fish is covered.
  9. Grill for about 13 minutes, or until the mayonnaise starts to brown. If you don’t have a grill, you can just use a regular oven on high heat, or even a toaster oven.


  • As mentioned in the introduction, this is a flexible recipe. If you want to use salmon or some other fish fillet, go ahead.
  • The colour of the mayonnaise is entirely up to you. For example if you need black for a German flag, you can use black olive tapenade for black and mustard for yellow. You can basically create any colour you want except for blue, unless you like blue berry flavoured fish..yuck!
  • Why does my recipe have mashed potatoes? They help the mayonnaise stay on the fish instead of sloughing off .
  • A new potato is the small type that is white inside. I don’t mean a potato you just bought.
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