Crepe Layer Cake

12 Mar

(serves 8-12)
If you are without an oven, this is the cake for you. Strictly speaking, the Crepe Layer Cake is not a real cake. It matters not, since it looks and tastes like a cake. We achieve the cake effect by sandwiching layers of cream and apple glazing between crepes that are stacked. This particular recipe is only a starting recipe and it uses only very basic flavours, but the the Crepe Layer Cake is versatile animal and you can easily modify it to taste of almost anything you like. 


  1. Crepes (16)
  2. Whipping Cream (200ml)
  3. Raisins (1 cup)
  4. Apple Juice (1/2 cup)
  5. Brandy
  6. Corn Starch
  7. Corn Syrup
  8. Golden Syrup
  9. Cinnamon

For this recipe, you will require 2 batches of the crepes made according to my bouncy crepe recipe. Make the crepes first, up to a day ahead in time.

Preparation – Apple Glazing 

  1. Soak a cup of raisins in 1/4 cup of brandy. Use a shallow container or only the raisins at the bottom will get soaked.
  2. Boil 1/2 cup of apple juice in a small pot and dissolve 1/4 cup of sugar in it.
  3. Fully dissolve 1T cornstarch in 1/4 cup of cold water and stir this into the boiling juice. When the mixture begins to thicken, stir in 1T of corn syrup and turn off the heat.
  4. The glazing will thicken as it cools and should have the consistency of syrup when it is at room temperature.
  5. You should do all this at least an hour ahead of time. The raisins need time to soak in the brandy and the glazing needs time to cool.

Preparation – Cake

  1. Beat 200ml of cream till you get stiff peaks. Stir in 3T of golden syrup into the cream.
  2. Find a plate that is about an inch smaller in diameter than your crepes. Use a pointed knife to trim off the the parts of each crepes not covered by the plate. This will make them all identical in size.
  3. You should have 16 crepes to start off with. Find the crepe with the best looking pattern and reserve this as the top layer.
  4. Place one crepe on a wax or foil base and apply a thin layer of cream on the crepe. Place a second crepe over the first one and brush on a layer of the apple flavoured glazing. Simply put, apply cream on odd number crepes and glazing on even numbered crepes as you stack up the cake. This will keep each crepe (except the bottom one) in contact with both cream and glazing.
  5. Don’t worry about keeping the edges neat when applying the cream. The center of your cake will have a tendency to bulge if you apply less cream to the periphery.
  6. On crepes 3,7 and 11 arrange 1/3 of the soaked raisins after you apply the cream, and on crepes 5, and 13 sprinkle on a layer of powdered cinnamon on the cream.
  7. When you have placed the last crepe on, press down on the cake in the middle and then use a butter knife to scrape off all the excess cream along the side of the cake. Paint the entire cake, top and sides with glazing to seal the moisture in. You can decorate the top of the cake with some left over cream if you have a piping syringe but this is optional.
  8. The crepes will still be able to slide over each other at this stage so place the cake in the fridge to allow it to set. This will also give the crepes time to absorb moisture and flavour from the sandwich layers.    


  • For variety: You can experiment with canned, pureed or cooked fruit in place of the raisins. You can use chocolate or another type of sauce in the cream. Or you can use custard instead of cream. You can use different juices for the glazing. You can sprinkle nutmeg, chocolate rice, green tea powder in place of the cinnamon. Your options are endless.
  • If you intend to drizzle syrup over cut pieces of your cake like in the first photo, you might want to reduce the golden syrup in the cream to 2T.
  • Don’t be stingy and pick a plate that is too big. The edges of crepes tend to be thinner, you want to make sure those parts are trimmed off, as shown here.
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