Candied Yam in Ginger Syrup

02 Feb

(serves 2-3)
Candied Yam in Ginger Syrup. This is a East meets West fusion dessert inspired by the rustic Chinese dessert ‘Sweet Potato Sugar Soup’ that pairs the spicy bite of ginger with the texture and sweetness of yam. The beauty of my recipe is there are no timing issues, as the yam and syrup are cooked seperately. Thus the yam will be exactly as soft as it should be, the ginger flavoured syrup will be as thick and as sweet as it needs. Pretty much this is a recipe that can’t go wrong.   

Ingredients Candied Yam with Ice Cream

  1. Yam (300g)
  2. Ginger (50g)
  3. Butter (10g)
  4. Muscovado Sugar (4T)
  5. Cinnamon Powder
  6. Rum
  7. Vanilla Ice Cream


  1. Peel 300g of yam and cut them into half inch cubes. At the same time peel 50g of ginger and cut this into thin long slices easily distinguishable from the yam cubes. For this recipe, the older the ginger the better.
  2. Place the yam and ginger into a pot and add water till everything is submerged. Simmer covered for half an hour (start counting from when the water boils).
  3. Pour out the yam stock into a container. Pick out the ginger pieces and discard them. Arrange the yam cubes onto the tray of a toaster oven.
  4. Cut several thin slices of butter and plop these over the yam cubes. Toast the yam cubes for 15 minutes. You should end up with buttery yam cubes which are firm on the outside, but still moist and soft on the inside.
  5. While the yam is toasting, pour the yam stock back into the pot. Add 5T of muscovado sugar, 2T of rum and boil the stock down til it is a thin runny syrup (remember it will thicken further when it cools).  Recombine the yam with the syrup and refrigerate before serving.
  6. Dust each serving generously with cinnamon powder. I would normally add a scoop of mascarpone or vanilla ice cream with each serving.  


  • If you don’thave muscovado sugar, you can substitute demerara sugar. Don’t use those brown crystal sugars which are nothing more than refined white sugar dyed brown, or you won’t get the taste of caramel. 
  • If you like your desserts less sweet, use 3T of sugar, but be forewarned, you will end up with less syrup. If you like things sweet, using 5T of sugar is no problem.
  • This recipe is perfectly scalable; you you can just double or triple the quantities. If you are scaling up or if you don’t have a toaster oven, simply roast the yam in your oven.
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