Often I use stuff in my recipes which are unusual or not universally available, and hopefully I’ll get round to giving all of them their own entry. This page contains a listing for most of them and some other pages for items for which there are many varieties. I’ve arranged the page in alphabetical format instead as it may not be immediately apparent from the picture what each item is.

 Amuse Bouche

 Bicarbonate of Soda


 The Cheese Page

 Chinese Cooking Wine

 Cuisse de Canard Confit

Congee Congee, Thickening with

 Dried Shrimp Roe

Dried Mushrooms Dried Mushrooms

 The Herb Page

 Hon Dashi

Kaya Kaya

Mirin Mirin

 Miso Paste


 Sakura Shrimp

 Singapore Curry Gravy (Canned)

 Smoked Cod Liver

 The Spice Page

Truffle Pate Truffle Produce

 The White Rice Page

 Wagyu Beef


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